Nordkamp is the herald of freedom.

The freedom that is present at the same time in the boundlessness of natural environment and the creative knowledge of people who live in it.

The brand was born in this spirit and also created its products in this spirit.

Both production and design take place in Europe. Its state-of-the-art, high-quality manufacturing technology makes Nordkamp a premium segment, personalised, designer brand.

It represents a new world of socks and tights, where purity of form combines with creativity and high-quality. Its unique, modern appearance originates from the designers involved with its creation.

Our product range is wide, which is constantly being expanded based on the latest design trends.

We are not only involved with product development for socks and tights but also planning to expand our range with design slippers.

Nordkamp is a dynamically developing brand, which is available worldwide through its webshop. It is only available in retail chains in Hungary. There are plans to be present on shop shelves of neighbouring countries withing 2-3 years.

Nordkamp is consistent in its brand-building, with constant presence on social media as well as in print and digital interfaces.

We are in constant contact with consumers to promote the brand and its products.